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The Most Toxic Zodiac Couple Combinations- Avoid Dating These Signs at All Costs

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There are many reasons why a relationship can become toxic, and one is the union of two incompatible people.

Even though some can make it work, most of the time instead of complementing each other, they bring out the worst in each other. They tend to clash over the most trivial issues. Here’s a list of the most toxic couple combinations for your sign so you can avoid dating them.

Aries’s Most Toxic Match: Taurus

On one hand, the infamous 'type-A' Aries can’t stand letting someone else be in control. On the other hand, the stubborn Taurus signs despise having their ideas questioned. Also, the pair is better at giving advice than taking it, leading to an explosive relationship.

Taurus’s Most Toxic Match: Gemini

When it comes down to patience, these two are a total mismatch. The Taurus can endure almost any situation just fine, but the Gemini requires continuous change and stimulation to be enthused. 

Gemini’s Most Toxic Match: Capricorn

A catastrophe is born when light-hearted and non-committal Geminis enter into a relationship with dependable, checklist-loving Capricorns. Geminis love spontaneity, while Capricorns abhor it. This means making plans together is almost impossible.

Cancer’s Most Toxic Match: Aquarius 

Cancer despises being corrected while Aquarius appreciates it. Cancer yearns for independence while Aquarius loves group activities. Cancer enjoys spending time at home and Aquarius wants to explore the earth. You can imagine how this will all play out in a relationship.

Leo’s Most Toxic Match: Scorpio

Leos feel they deserve to be showered with praise and attention, but Scorpios are not so generous with accolades. Worse still, Leos could decide to get the praise and attention elsewhere, driving jealous Scorpio nuts. Thus, this pair is one of the most toxic in the cosmos.

Virgo’s Most Toxic Match: Pisces

Virgo wants the aloof Pisces to come back down to earth, while Pisces constantly shows that she enjoys being in the clouds. Now, why would Pisces want to be pulled out of her reverie just to discuss groceries? 

Libra’s Most Toxic Match: Virgo

A Libra and Virgo pairing is basically a clash of the titans. Critical Virgo can get into Libra’s head and gossip-loving Libra has a propensity to make Virgo not trust him. Both are also chatterboxes and tend to talk over each other.

Scorpio’s Most Toxic Match: Leo

Scorpio would have a hard time handling the arrogant Leo. Add to that the volatile emotional flair of both signs and you have a couple constantly at each other’s throats.

Sagittarius’s Most Toxic Match: Pisces

Pisces can hold grudges for eternity, while Sagittarius forgives easily. Sagitarrius would have no idea why Pisces wants to resurrect a dispute from the day before, and Pisces would assume Sagittarius has no regard for her feelings. 

Capricorn’s Most Toxic Match: Libra  

Capricorn and Libra both love sex. However, the lack of chemistry between them means there’s little chance they’ll have a sexual connection. Also, Capricorn might find it difficult to converse with Libra, leading to a boredom-ridden relationship.

Aquarius’s Most Toxic Match: Taurus 

Taurus will need Aquarius to spend their days chilling at home with them, leaving Aquarius feeling restricted. Aquarius can seem removed from their surroundings, making attention-loving Taurus mad and leading to one of them quitting the union. 

Pisces’s Most Toxic Match: Aries

Pisces detests being pushed around while Aries loves being in leadership positions, possibly leading to disputes on even the smallest issues. Moreover, Aries' propensity to slip up now and again won’t augur well with the famously unforgiving Pisces.