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Where You Should Move According to Astrological Clues

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Figuring out where you’re going to live is a big deal. You have to use both your head and your heart. Whether you’re on the move, staying in a place only for a short time, or you’re looking to put down roots and settle or raise a family, a lot has to be considered.

There are some clues in your own astrological star signs and your birth chart can give guidance to where your life compass will point you. Let’s take a look at what your birth chart and life story can tell you and what clues can be gained to give meaning to where you should move.

Elemental Aspects

A broad way to consider where you’d most likely move is to look at your elemental nature. A place like Manhattan attracts Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius due to the fact that these types of people enjoy stimulation and action and big cities that never sleep. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo crave nature and wild terrain to explore because these are Earth signs. Air signs like Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini prefer cultural meccas and blue-sky pano views. San Francisco is right up their ally. Lastly, water signs are drawn to coastal towns, inlets, bays, and anywhere near lakes and rivers. Watery types go by how they feel.

World Maps 

It’s possible to go online and calculate your planetary lines to discover where on the map you should live. You can trace different colored planetary lines and zero in on countries that may best suit you. Alan Leo, a British astrologer believes in determining geographic correspondences to Zodiac signs. Your next home could provide a mutual feeling that aligns with your star sign.

When to Move

There is a feeling associated with where you’re living. Pay attention to the Fourth House when considering your next home. If your Zodiac sign is within the cusp of the Fourth house, any transits of planets that move through can be associated with that feeling of home. One client was debating moving and noted that Jupiter was transiting her Fourth House. Other factors told her to stay put and remain stable as Pluto was transiting. The concept of moving was a light in the tunnel (Jupiter) telling her to go when the time was right.

Moving Abroad

There is an appeal to starting over and moving to some far-off place. Within the Ninth House, planets here hint at what living abroad will be like. It’s also important to note that planets like Jupiter provide opportunities for growth and Venus for love and abundance (usually around the flow of money).


Jupiter can be a guiding light when all others seem to go out. There is an urge to create a community during these times of social isolation. Make sure to look to your Eleventh House and share with friends and family your visions to discover clues about weaving your social web together. The Sun is your central purpose and the Moon is your comfort zone. Keep these in mind as you consider whether to stay put or make a move.