Your Wealth Horoscope for April 1st, 2023

You should avoid purchasing or selling vehicles today, Gemini. This transit is lovely for buying something that expands your ability to earn money, like a course that improves your career skills. This is due to Mars in your 2nd house semisquare the Moon in Leo in your 3rd house. Also, it would be best to refrain from discussing finances with others because you'll likely be easily irritated and overdramatic when discussing money matters.



This is a beautiful time to spend socializing, Gemini. You can easily make new friends and mingle with your peers today. This is due to the Moon in Leo in your 3rd house trine Jupiter in your 11th house. You... Read your Gemini general horoscope for today >>


Although this transit brings positive feelings and good luck to your love life, you should be aware of a tendency to overestimate how much luck you have. There are better times to ask out a friend than this because you... Read your Gemini love horoscope for today >>