Your Wealth Horoscope for April 1st, 2023

You're likely able to negotiate when shopping quite easily today, Scorpio. If you're involved in a lawsuit involving financial reparations, you will probably get what you're owed quite easily. This is due to Venus in Taurus in your 7th house square the Moon in Leo. You may spend much money on your friends, partner, or children. It would be best to buy your lover a piece of jewelry or clothing.



You're likely to be in a positive mood today, Scorpio! You will likely attract people who need your support because you are emotionally grounded. This is due to Jupiter and Mercury in your 6th house trine the Moon in Leo... Read your Scorpio general horoscope for today >>


You may feel emotionally detached or distant from your partner today, Scorpio. If you're dating, you could date someone unique and free-spirited. With Uranus in your 7th house square and the Moon in Leo, you may even act rebelliously toward... Read your Scorpio love horoscope for today >>