Your Horoscope for December 4th, 2023

Now’s your chance to ground your efforts in a deeper meaning, Taurus. Circle back to those self-care regimens and rituals that you’ve been too busy for! Even if you are not very spiritual, the earthy Moon-Mercury-Jupiter trine in your expressive 4th, 8th, and 12th houses encourages you to reconnect with your faith. Make time to journal about your experiences or experiment with some new healthy recipes! The stars have spoken. If you are looking for more insights about your day or near future - check your daily tarot reading >>



It’s time to reassess your approach to dating, Taurus. What have you willingly devoted yourself to in past relationships? With the Virgo Moon squaring the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius in your houses of feelings, relationships, and intimacy, you ar... Read your Taurus love horoscope for today >>


Go ahead and splurge on that art class or kitchen remodel, Taurus. With the Virgo Moon opposing Saturn in Pisces in your houses of recognition and domestic life, it wouldn't hurt to put your skills and resources toward new way... Read your Taurus wealth horoscope for today >>